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Originally Posted by eponymous_coward
Let them fly. Serious, ridiculous, sublime.

I'll start: Coming to AS in 2011:

At least one of the following routes:


An AA FFP reciprocity plan will be negotiated in 2011. It will not include upgrades. But AA one-way awards will be announced during the year.

AS will be involved in a merger... with SY. (I realize this one is WAAAAAAAY out there.) No other merger (DL, AA, US, HA, AK or JS.)

QX's "Horizon" branding will be replaced with "Alaska Express operated by Horizon".

We will also see non-QX "Alaska Express" flying in 2011 (since there will be a handful of routes that are infeasible for mainline OR the Q400).

There will be another Skyteam MP partner announced in 2011.
I think it's only a matter of time before AS takes over ANC-MSP from DL, at least in the winter. Delta is already down to a single 737 this winter; it was 757 practically forever under NW.
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