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Cool Prices

I have to fly TLV-NYC-TLV in C (well, I don't have to do it in C, but I'd like to).
The cheapest ticket in LY is $4,200!
CO is $1,000 cheaper and BA with a stop in LHR is $2,000 cheaper!
This is all in February, mind you, which is probably one of the slowest months of the year.

I find it ridiculous. CO and BA offer a far superior product to LY's, and still charge much much less. True, BA has a layover, but even CO which has a direct(*) flight is $1,000 cheaper.

Maybe it's because of LY's new menu?

* Direct, in this context, refers to a flight that leaves point A (in this case, TLV) and lands in point B (in this case, EWR/JFK), without any scheduled stops in between.

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