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Cool Official Flyers Thread

I'm picking up my girlfriend at the airport tomorrow, and figured I could arrive a few minutes early to pass out some flyers.

I know there are other flyers out there, and I thought I'd add to them. My flyers are below in PDF and docx format (use the PDF if you just want to look/print, and the docx if you want to modify and make your own). If you've found or made other flyers that you like, post them in the reply.

Most importantly, if each time one of us were at an airport we handed out flyers as we walked through the terminal or as we waited for our flight, we could make a big difference. So print out a few dozen and bring them with you!

pdf - http://tsaoutofourpants.files.wordpr.../no-no-tsa.pdf
docx -


My lawsuit against the TSA:
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