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Originally Posted by bajajoes View Post
This post is EXACTLY what I am concerned about in my column titled
"Preparation H".
With my medical malady I may well jump and scream if BOI's situation happens to me and I am very concerned about tsa or LEO's reaction to it.
I have NO CONTROL over a painful response to an intimate feel up.
Fortunately my trip is in Jan. so I can hope I will have some improvement of my condition but it is chronic and will eventually need surgery.
I've not had to use Preparation H so I cannot comment on whether it would have been painful or not. However, it was a "push-to-feel" type action, not necessarily harsh or violent, but I was really surprised by the exact target hit of this perverts finger--square in the hole. (BTW TSOs, hope you really enjoy your job of feeling up holes and balls, good for you! Hope you love your job. )

If I used Prep H, I'd definitely hand them one of the new medical condition cards. I'd probably print out an example color photograph of a Google Image search of "hemorrhoids" and tape it to the card for a visual reference in addition to the written description of my condition.
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