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If I have a checked bag, I do not exit to baggage claim. Instead, I take the SkyLink back to where I parked my car, drive to the new baggage claim (and park in one hour parking) and retrieve my bag. About 75% of the time I arrive at the same time as my bag. Bonus is that I don't have to haul it up or down stairs in the garage since I'm now parked right up front.
This is exactly what I do if I check a bag. I catch Skylink to my car, toss my laptop in my trunk, drive around to short term parking at the terminal where I landed and retrieve my bag. I usually park at the terminal of departure if I am in a hurry. I fly 2 or 3 weeks out of the month and it works well for me. As for remembering where I parked I send myself a text message from my personal phone to my work phone with something along the lines of C17A close to back wall.

The rental car option mentioned in another post never worked for me. I tried it a couple of times. I live north of the airport and I could be home 3 times over in the time it takes to ride the rental car shuttle to the rental car facility south of the airport and then drive back north towards home.

For personal trips I use Remote North or Express North to save money, the shuttles come around pretty frequently, although Murphy's law when I do this I seem to see the South shuttles before the North come around. Last year I spent a month in the UK so I hired a car service both ways instead of parking somewhere for a month.

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