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Dubai Stu
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I have a jailbroken 3gs with 5.14.02. I accidentally upgraded my phone to 4.1 with the new baseband. My SHSHs were backed up and I downgraded my firmware and eventually wound back up at 4.02, but think I'm stuck on the baseband. I'm aware of the iPad firmware trick, but I'm a little nervous going there. Incidentally, it will be curious to see whether Apple leaves these people stuck or modifies its next upgrade to restore the phone to a kosher base band. I can see a heated fight in Cupertino which is the best strategy. A third one will be a pay restore service where they make the owner crawl to their Apple store for a "fix" knowing that these folks are unlike to stray from the farm again.

Right now, nothing seems compelling enough with the new upgrades to worry about this which leaves me with my stand pat strategy.
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