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Originally Posted by Dubai Stu View Post
I find the problem that it is too easy to lose your jailbreak. I configured my iTunes not check for firmware upgrades and with the newest version seems to still spot that I am using old firmware and starts pushing me to change the settings so that I can do an upgrade. I have a jailbroken copy of 4.02 and so far haven't been tempted to go to 4.2 since it looks like the jailbreak for 4.2 is still a tethered jailbreak.
which iphone do you have? If you use pwnagetool to preserve your baseband, you should be fine, Stu. Just don't ever restore or let itunes do the stock upgrade ever again. (assuming you have a suitable older baseband that's in the list on the dev team's blog page).

The current method, for people that haven't preserved their basebands, (including those that buy new phones) involves using an ipad baseband, and if you do that you can never go back to the stock firmware. So if you have the older baseband, you can use pwnagetool to build a custom ipsw which will include your old "safe" (or vulnerable) baseband and do a restore using that custom ipsw.

Also keep saving your shsh blobs via tiny umbrella and/or cydia.


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