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Originally Posted by LAStoFAI View Post
When it's bad, it's really bad. Was forced to leave on a Sunday morning one time and security was close to an hour and a half.

Usually take off when I know it's slow. Left on the 15th this month on the 1:10 flight and arrived at the airport at 12:15, checked a bag, and was at the gate 40 min before boarding as they were starting.

It's a city where you have most of the people are arriving and leaving on a few number of days. Leave when a convention ends or on Sunday and you are screwed, leave when a convention is starting or on a Saturday afternoon and it's one of the quickest major airports in the country.
That sounds a lot better than my trip through a couple weeks back. Left on the 1:45 on a Friday and it was an absolute gong show - checkin itself was fine, but the lines at security were ridiculous. Had gotten to the airport at 12:30, checked in a bag and the checkin agent told me that the security lines were "a bit longer" (a massive understatement) today and to head straight through.
By the time we got through, we were hearing that dreaded named final boarding call. Had we known that lines could get so long, we would have gotten to the airport a lot earlier, but we still made the flight, so no big issue.

Originally Posted by lKTyS7UPY View Post
As one data-point, around that time Monday this week security took 15-20 minutes
Yup, have been on 609 a couple of times and security has never taken more than 10-12 minutes. I feel that its one of the best times to fly out of LAS.
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