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Originally Posted by LAStoFAI View Post
When it's bad, it's really bad. Was forced to leave on a Sunday morning one time and security was close to an hour and a half.

Usually take off when I know it's slow. Left on the 15th this month on the 1:10 flight and arrived at the airport at 12:15, checked a bag, and was at the gate 40 min before boarding as they were starting.

It's a city where you have most of the people are arriving and leaving on a few number of days. Leave when a convention ends or on Sunday and you are screwed, leave when a convention is starting or on a Saturday afternoon and it's one of the quickest major airports in the country.
Yikes :/ I have a quick fly in and fly out on Monday the 27th to LAS. Is my return flight on Monday evening (6:55PM) considered a busy time, such that I should plan on arriving no later than 5:00 for the return?
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