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Originally Posted by pathfinder44 View Post
My husband and I, both GM are 2 and 3 on the upgrade list tomorrow for Denver 1411. It shows 2 seats available. WE are not sitting together and would be ok with only 1 upgrade. We are on the same record. Is there a way to let Delta know we don't want to be upgraded together or a way to split our reservation? Thanks
There is really no need to split the PNR in this case, if you are still 2 and 3 on the list for 2 seats at boarding then one of you will still get the upgrade. You will not both get skipped over automatically just because there is only one F seat left. If you are really worried about that happening just let the GA know that you don't mind if only one of you gets upgraded.

Originally Posted by Centurion View Post
You want to split the reservation.. BUT ONLY ONE WILL GET UPGRADED. AND IF THIS IS OUTBOUND ONLY ONE WILL GET UPGRADE ON RETURN. In the old days you would still split wait for upgrade and call for your companion. Due to abuse this pretty much done away with.
I am not sure what you mean here. They are both GM, so if they split they are still both eligible for an upgrade individually. There is no companion upgrade in this case. The only time you might want to split the PNR is if the 2nd passenger either has a lower status level than the 1st passenger or has no status at all.
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