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It works just fine. Have done it in a pinch between netbooks to play battleship. On a train, not a plane, but that doesn't make any difference. You just go to the properties of your wireless network adapter (easily found in Device Manager, or Control Panel, or Network & Sharing Center, or whatever OSX calls it) and change from Infrastructure to ad hoc. And configure both laptops to use the same network name (SSID). Don't even need to worry about IP's. If running Windows, both should self-assign a 169.x.x.x address (called APIPA, but that's not important) and see each other just fine.

But note that the ad hoc requirement in the IEEE standard for 802.11 variants is only 11Mbps. It's not fully spec'd out in the current standards so most WiFi adapters only support 11Mbps despite being 802.11g capable of 54Mbps. I have read but can't confirm that ad hoc with 802.11n adapters will run at 54Mbps (as opposed to up to 150Mbps in infrastructure mode).

Those speed limitations become and issue depending what kind of multiplayer gaming you intend to do.
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