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Originally Posted by spinjockey View Post
One of the things to check out before you do is if it's a "teathered" jailbrake, which means whenever you reboot you need your computer nearby which is less than ideal for traveling. Also note there can be minor problems caused by the jailbrake. For example when I jailbroke my iphone 4 skype didn't work and needed a patch to work. So you'll want to do some research first and be prepared to fiddle for a little bit.

That said it was a huge money saver for me as I travelled europe for about 6 weeks this sumer, while most of the hotels had wifi there was 10 days on a cruise where it was super pricey (and SLOW). Since I had unlimited international roaming (no longer offered) I didn't worry about data. Now when I travel domestically I don't worry too much about having WiFi (though I don't use it unless I really need to as I'm worried about getting shut off).
That is why I haven't upgraded my 3gs to iOS4.2. That said, I think the current tethered jailbreak for iOS4 allows your phone to reboot without a computer, but you can't access the alternate apps. They appeared as just gray bland icons.
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