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A jailbroken phone can fully access the Apple App Store. When the phone is jailbroken, you get access to a second rival app store from Cydia. You set up an account with Amazon Payments or Google Payments and buy programs from Cydia pretty much the same way you do from Apple. You also update your programs in pretty much the same way.

You can buy a tethering option from ATT but you have to give up your unlimited plan, downgrade to the $25 a month 2 gig plan and add on a $20 tethering plan. I'm not sure if you get a larger pool of data to draw from or not.

If you tether the ATT way, you are restricted to USB tethering, but I've heard that it is possible to connect some Cradlepoint type routers to an iPhone and connect to the net in this fashion. Cradlepoint says it can't be done, but I watched a rather resourceful friend do it:

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