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Originally Posted by sethb View Post
I've flown enough to know that putting a pink tag on my bag doesn't magically prevent it from going on the plane.
Originally Posted by BobRoss View Post
Exactly. Don't argue with the GA. Just accept the pink tag and carry it on anyway, if you think you know better.
Originally Posted by tvnwz View Post
I just always keep a pink tag on both my carry-ons. Saves time, effort and lowers the chance I might have to communicate more than needed with the GA's.
I have a pristine pink tag with me at all times. I pull it out and hold it in my hand as my BP is scanned. No one ever says a thing. My rollaboard fits into the overhead bin of most RJs. No need for the seat in front of me. I do this because of the number of times I was told it wouldn't fit and I had to show how easily it fit with no forcing of the bin door. I don't criticize the GA's for prompting me to tag my carry-on. Many rolling bags do not fit.

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