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I've never had a bad experience in Paris, but to me I think the underlying point is this: I've never planned a vacation or business trip based on my perceptions of the destination country's airport security or immigration logistics. As long as I knew I would be permitted to enter, then it was a nonissue.

Canadians always grill the hell out of me. Brits can be kind of tough, but they freely allow American citizens to use their fast-track, so it's no longer an issue. French and Germans have never really asked me any questions. The guy in Bermuda seemed highly concerned what hotel I was planning on staying in. The Mexicans have always been very friendly and efficient.

But none of this has ever really impacted my travels. It's not like I've done fewer Canadian trips than I otherwise would have if their guys never asked me any questions. It's not like I'm planning extra trips to places I wouldn't otherwise go because of friendly airport security people.

Again, I don't disagree with the basic premise that we shouldn't be unnecessarily d*ckish, but I question any dramatic assertion that billions of dollars have been lost because of it.
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