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Originally Posted by N830MH View Post
Sigh! I don't see how is Phil's behaviors at airport today and he is already on the way to ABQ. He have to be there at the court on-time by tomorrow morning. If he doesn't show up at the court ontime, they could have issued arrested warrant for him. He could have a serious trouble for that.

You probably know better that he cannot allowed to do video recording at TSA checkpoint without explanations from LEO. He does it again and he will getting arrested again. LEO will haul him to the county jails. Because video camera is prohibited at security.
Phil is in Albuquerque, he posted as much this weekend.

And the whole point of this discussion stems from videotaping a checkpoint which clearly isn't illegal or every news organization in the country would be guilty of this as they filmed at airports across the land for their stories on the new patdowns in November.

Originally Posted by RadioGirl View Post
There are four things that need to line up - (1) the person's face, (2) the photo on the ID card, (3) the name on the boarding pass and (4) the (absence of a) name on the NFL. The purchase of a ticket checks (3) and (4) but not (1) and (2). TDC smurf checks (1), (2) and (3) but not (4). One more reason the whole ID thing is theater, and bad theater at that.
Why does a name have to appear on the plane ticket anyway? Names don't appear on most commuter train tickets sold in the US and just about every train ticket abroad. My name doesn't get printed on a bus ticket.

And since I completely forgot the common carrier situation, a name shouldn't be required on my plane ticket. I'm already on the side of there being no security value and the common carrier argument puts me squarely in the no valid business argument for matching ticket to a name either. If bought with a credit card - well, possibly they have a business argument for preventing fraud but that's a completely different topic.

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