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Originally Posted by tehiota View Post
Agreed, but what was the alleged crime being committed? According to the TSA's own website while they 'require' you to show ID, they have a procedure for resolving the circumstance for when passengers "who do not" (read: unwilling) show it and submit them through 'additional screening'.

I can't compel someone to show me their ID and if I call the police and ask them to compel someone to show me their ID, they should refuse. I'm honestly surprised that LEOs aren't more versed on where the TSA's authority/boundries begin/end because its becoming more and more obvious that TSA is using LEOs like puppets for their dirty work and one would think that that they/LEOs wouldn't like non-superiors pulling their strings.
That is the $60,000 question: If we are to take the police at their word, the crime alleged is "being stupid." In which case, according to ABC polls on the TSA, applies to 80% of the population. Only in my opinion, of course.
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