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Originally Posted by greentips View Post
In this case (just from what I've read, and knowing how the TSA works), I infer that a.) TSA doesn't like us very much. b.) They really didn't like Phil testing their authority and c.) were down right unhappy (an obvious euphemism) that Phil was filming their behavior. So they called the cops.

The cops now have a complainant, alleging a crime has been committed. At this point, after listening to the tapes, it seems clear that Phil refused to identify himself to the TSA, the cops ordered him to identify himself to the TSA which he refused as an unlawful order, and they then threatened and ultimately did arrest him. What is not clear from my review of some of the data, is did the cops ask him to identify himself to them? If the answer is yes, and he refused, then then next question is: is the TSA's word sufficient to rise to the level of reasonable suspicion? That will be the job of the jury.
Agreed, but what was the alleged crime being committed? According to the TSA's own website while they 'require' you to show ID, they have a procedure for resolving the circumstance for when passengers "who do not" (read: unwilling) show it and submit them through 'additional screening'.

I can't compel someone to show me their ID and if I call the police and ask them to compel someone to show me their ID, they should refuse. I'm honestly surprised that LEOs aren't more versed on where the TSA's authority/boundries begin/end because its becoming more and more obvious that TSA is using LEOs like puppets for their dirty work and one would think that that they/LEOs wouldn't like non-superiors pulling their strings.
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