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Originally Posted by flyinbob View Post
But we all know that system doesn't work, and is the source of all kinds of problems, not to mention lots of loopholes. So isn't the point that it is better to find those who should NOT be flying, rather than treat all flyers as potential terrorists? Isn't it more likely ObL would be doing harm to planes than grandma Mabel? So isn't it better to identify those who would be more likely to do harm and single THEM out for more advanced screening?
Even if we were to concede your point, the manner in which TSA performs this check can be trivially circumvented, making it almost pointless.

TSA performs extensive checking on IDs, using black lights, checking for security features, restricting what kinds of ID can be used, and so on. But it performs no such checks against boarding passes, which passengers can print at home on ordinary, plain paper, and then doctor at will in order to create a forgery. And since it is the boarding pass which provides the link between the passenger's ID and the check against the no-fly and selectee lists, this makes the entire check ineffective. (Okay, maybe it will catch the really dumb criminals, but it's not going to stop the next attack by a determined terrorist.)
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