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Originally Posted by gojirasan View Post
To me this whole issue isn't even about the TSA. It has nothing to do with whether the TSA should be allowed to let someone past the checkpoint without ID or whether the airlines themselves should let someone board the plane without ID. This is about police abuse of power, about out of control cops and trumped up charges. About the legality of arresting someone for "contempt of cop". It is true that that TSO was a power-mad nutjob who should be immediately fired, but that TSO also had no real power except maybe to disallow Phil from going through the checkpoint and even that is uncertain. He cannot even physically stop him.

The real villains here were the cops. This is just a small example how LEOs in the US are totally out of control and answer to no one. How they routinely abuse their position. How they believe they are above the law and can do anything. People become cops precisely to be able to do what these cops did to Phil. It is not justice or some kind of twisted patriotism that makes cops become cops. It is pure power over other people, and probably a bit of sadism as well. Even cops who start out good will invariably go bad. Power corrupts.
To me, the problem has always been this -- there are no repercussions for a LEO who does something like this. Charges can get dismissed with prejudice, juries can quickly find "accused" not guilty, and the cops continue on, arresting those that don't respect their authoritah.

Phil, good luck, and I'll be following with interest.
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