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I'm going out to HNL this weekend. Flying out from ATL on Dec 5 (Sunday), getting there Sunday evening, then flying back on Wed Dec 8th at about 10pm. This will give me almost 3 nights and almost 3 full days.

I am staying at the Sheraton and plan to just spend a day relaxing by the beach and pool. But I'm trying to figure out what to do with the other 2 days.

Initially I was going to pack a bunch of stuff into the days, but as I am going alone just to unwind and get refreshed for the new year, I'm thinking perhaps a more laid back agenda would be better.

I appreciate the suggestions already posted.

I have a question... I've been thinking about renting a Moped for a day and spending a day driving around the island and frequently stopping to check out the views. I haven't seen any feedback on Moped rentals on the forums.
What is your take on this? And do you have any suggestions as to where to rent? The one that I've been looking at online is:

And I definitely want to take surfing lessons on one of the days as well.

Other than that, my itinerary is still open.

I will be packing light so I will just take theBus from the airport to the hotel and am not looking to spend a fortune on this trip. Just wanting to relax and unwind. No need to splurge as it is just me and I will have to pay for any "splurging" when I get back. =)

Any suggestions of good local places to eat near the Sheratan? And any "must-sees" or "must-dos" besides what was listed above? I think I'll get a 4 day bus pass so can go wherever thebus can take me.

And I'm not a real big history buff... but you would recommend going to see the Pearl Harbor exhibit anyways? I'm more into seeing beautiful scenery and relaxing on this trip.

Thanks a bunch! This is my first post on the Travel section of the website!
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