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Originally Posted by 130 fsw View Post
I always thought this expression was wild hair, not referring to a large rabbit .
Excellent question. Not knowing the real answer, I consulted the always-reputable web sources and found the explanation below. I bet eightblack could have written this better and had us all rolling off our desk chairs in side-splitting laughter, but this isn't bad:

"There are two expressions, wild hare and wild hair. The first refers to or compares someone or something to the natural skittishness of breeding
hares in spring, especially in March (ergo Lewis Carroll's inclusion of that creature in the Mad Hatter's tea party). To have a wild hair (up
one's butt) is a vulgar expression indicating an obsession or fixation of some sort. "Wild" in the first instance denotes erratic behavior like
that of hares in rut. In the second instance "wild" characterizes a stray or unruly strand whose indelicate lodgment is the figurative cause of someone's perceived mania."
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