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I'll second Jiufen (九份) as a nice daytrip. There are a lot of quaint teahouses and snack shops lining the narrow lanes for you to stop and sample. Near Jiufen is Jinguashi (金瓜石), a former gold mining area with museums and historical buildings.

I think Taroko Gorge is a little bit too ambitious for a day trip. The Yingge suggestion is also an interesting museum, there is also a unique temple close to Yingge.

I'm surprised that no one has suggested the National Palace Museum, which houses a large collection of Chinese artifacts and art, including the famous jade cabbage and the jade pork fat. Also, within the suburbs of Taipei, there is Beitou (北投)- Beitou MRT Station, where you can visit hot springs, if that's your thing, and the hot spring bath museum.
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