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We might have more suggestions if you can tell us something about your interests.

Another 1/2-day trip out of town (barely) is going up to Danshui on the MRT. Lots of street food, beaches, the old fort. Still pretty urbanized though. You could make Taroko Gorge a day-trip if you were feeling ambitious. Interesting pottery out at Yingge.

Agree 101 is nothing special unless you have a thing for eyesores. (I completely do not see the point of high-end shopping in Taipei to buy the exact same cr*p as they sell in every other city.)

In the city, there are funky little shops scattered around the Eastern District (centered at the intersection of DunHua South Rd and ZhongXiao East Rd); and the more youthful equivalent at XimenDing--where Hello Kitty and her descendants are alive and well. You have to stroll around the alleys.
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