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Well, unfortunately things did not go as well as I thought. I just talked to Mom, and more details emerged. She didn't want to share them while in the car with my daughter.

When she was pulled away for the grope, she says she started to tell the woman doing the groping that her right breast is still very tender and has healing surgical wounds on it, but the woman actually put her hand up in front of my mother’s face, as if to signal her to shut up! My mother, terrified of another horrible experience, quickly did just that – she shut up.

I find this shocking, given what recently happened to the man with the urostomy bag. Even with all that publicity, including a phone call from John Pistole to the man to apologize, is it STILL not understood by TSA agents that they need to allow their victims to tell them about their medical issues???

The agent used the back of her hand to press in and circle the entire exterior of each breast – including the sore one. Sure enough, it hurt. But my mother didn’t say a word – just stood there wincing and took it. Because she wants to see her grandkids.

When the TSA agent did the inner-thigh rub, and got up to the point where her hand “met resistance” (yeah, a lovely euphemism for “touched her labia”), she apparently noticed that my mother was wearing an adult diaper. She asked her what she had “in her pants” – loud enough for others around her to hear. My mother quietly replied, “a Depends”. “A what?” asked the TSA agent. “A…a diaper!” my mother said, feeling humiliated.

The agent made her lift her shirt to SHOW her the top of her diaper. All I can say is, thank God it was the full brief-type, rather than a pad. Would the agent have asked her to pull her pants down to show it to her??

Then she ran her gloved fingers all along the inside of her diaper, while my mother stood there holding her shirt up, for all the other passengers to see her 73-year-old bare midriff. At this point she regretted not asking for a private room, but it was too late – it was almost over. (Plus I'd told her NOT to ask for a private room, because I didn't want my mother being molested where she couldn't be seen.)

So much for being allowed to maintain your dignity.

Anyone who thinks this is okay is sick. This is NOT what my soldier son is fighting for. I’m ashamed to be an American today, if this is what our government thinks is acceptable treatment of our senior citizens. My mother has been a patriot and a good citizen for her entire life. She's never had so much as a speeding ticket. She's voted in every election she was qualified to vote in. She married a veteran of the Korean war (my dad), gave birth to a son who served in the Air Force (my brother), and has a grandson currently in the Army (my son). She goes to church, gives to the needy, and supports herself without government handouts. And THIS is what our government subjects her to - just so she can go spend Thanksgiving with her family?

I'm so angry I can hardly see straight.

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Um. Posting on flyertalk may have empathy, but it's otherwise completely useless. Way too many people pretend the internet is real life.

It's useful to significantly reducing your air travel and contacting airline (and other convention/tourism agencies) to let them know why.

You also need to contact your representatives ( senators and representative .

You should also support the efforts of large real-world organizations such as the
ACLU and their EPIC and look up who owns your local airport (it's usually a state, county or city agency) and contact them, as well.

You can also contact state and local officials and request that they push back against TSA (this is already happening in NJ and NYC, for example).
I am an activist by nature. I spent Saturdays standing in the rain holding "No on Prop H8" signs during the last election. I write regular letters to the editor for the issues which are important to me. I am not someone known to "keep my mouth shut".

Trust me, I absolutely will do my part. I have letters already drafted. Thanks for providing additional information for places to protest. I promise you I will use them. My mother wants to be left out of it - and I understand. But I will not remain silent.
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