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Originally Posted by Rejuvenated View Post
Does it have to be direct BKK-Europe? If so TG or LX. I've flown TG F several times in the past and my favorite aspect of their product is the catering, especially the Asian selection quality. I've never flown LX F thus far but all the reports I've read had almost nothing but positive feedbacks. People seem to be a big fan of LH F, but outside of of the FRA FCT, my experiences with them was below average.

If you don't mind connecting somewhere within Asia, I'd either go with NH or SQ. Two excellent products from my experiences. They have the best catering and best cabin crews among many airlines I have flown first class with. SQ IMO still has the best IFE out there.
I was hoping to go SYD-BKK-W.Europe and use BKK as a stopover point so yes needs to continue on direct from BKK back home. I hear the LX F product on the 330 is great, but I think they fly a 340 with the old F on BKK-ZRH and I don't know what kind of marks that gets.
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