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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Dave Noble:
'Also, and I'd love to find out why, you need to go through passport control (after you've already gone through immigration and security) to get to the lounge."

Because, iirc, the UK is not within the Schengen Agreement area


Did this a couple of weeks ago and don't recall a secondary passport control. I think you have entered the wrong section from the check in desk area.

If you checked in at the BA desks at the far end of the terminal, you actually have to go back down the terminal to find the right entrance to the gates where the BA flights depart (from D8 and there abouts, iirc). If you enter from the first available passport control nearest the BA check in area, then I think you will enter one of the Shengen areas of the airport and if you go to the BA lounge or gates, you will have to pass another passport control in the airside part of the terminal. Thus to save time, use the correct entrance according to your departure gate.

Back on topic, I've never found anything other than crisps (chips), biscuits and olives when I've used the lounge, and that's been mid afternoon (most recently) or late evening. It's compact, but only once would I say it's been busy. Bright and colourful compared to some other lounges I've been in. The downside is as mentioned above, no toilets (bathrooms) available within the lounge and it's a reasonable way from the usual departure gates. I always seem to have trainees being shown how to check my AA card against the list in the folder to approve my entry. No problems with it, just an observation!
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