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PacSafe security products - mini review

Anyone else familiar with or a fan of PacSafe products?

I bought the larger laptop sized portable travel safe and the smaller travel safe bag for my small electronics.

They are not fool proof but certainly will stop casual theft. We took them with us on a long trip to Fiji, New Zealand, Fiji again, and Hawaii.

I locked up our passports, cash, phones, and small cameras in the small one. Then locked up our two netbooks in the larger safe somewhere else in the room.

Our stuff was probably never in any danger of being stolen, but they made me feel a hell of a lot better when I had to leave things behind in the hotel room or especially in the trunk of the car.

Apparently smash and grab theft from cars is a big problem in NZ, so that was my main motivation for buying them. Although I don't think any thief was targeting our beat up 1994 Toyota Carina that we bought used for the trip.
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