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Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
Thanks for the advice about the Chinese visa. I'll fill in the application and send my passport off to Ottawa - it appears that the visa only costs $50.

Then again - maybe I should knowingly travel without a visa. After all, if the Chinese immigration folks don't let me in, they'll just put me back on the plane I arrived on, and I'll still get the miles I'm after, plus the bonus of only being away from home for 29 hours, instead of 53 hours.

It is my understanding that you can stay in PVG for less than 48 hours without a visa (but not PEK). But don't bet on travelling without the visa - AC may not accept you on the flight without proper documentation. Can anyone confirm how closely they check ?

I have flights booked to both and plan to get a multiple entry visa. And this weekend's codes may drive me to do more - do I feel an urge to try for SE in 2011?
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