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Originally Posted by global_happy_traveller View Post
That sounds right. Early qualification for 2010 ends Oct 15th. You reached 35,000 miles on Oct 26th, so you wait for 2011... Why did the computer let you select the package benefits is beyond my comprehension.

All you get is SWU certs for passing 20K threshold

Please review Page 130 of this document

Having said that..... I would wait and see over the next few days if they accidently send you the benefits package as well.... definitely icing to the cake!
I guess I'll wait and find out in due course...

Actually I hit 35k on October 21, to be totally precise, so maybe I am in this 'grace period' I read about... In any case I got the email from Aeroplan on 26th to choose my select privileges for 2010 (mailed on November 8th, to answer the question above). So it looks like I might have snook in... I guess this is a busy time of year for the printing presses!!!

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