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I think your situation is what being mentioned in the thread:

AC YVR-HKG W 10 Change

and I actually had a post mentioning about my YYZ-YVR-HKG flight was be able to change to YYZ-HKG Direct using this schedule change as an excuse. And it was a reward ticket too and no chg fee was charged. The main excuse I used back then was an unexpected hotel stay in Vancouver. I also did mentioned about that I need to catch another flight in HK at 10am with a non AC ticket. This is when they are willing to change my flight from a non-direct to direct flight. But the agreement was AC will not respondable for the hotel night in HK, as the direct flight will get me to HK the day before.... which is fine for me.

I see your profile show you are base in YYC and hence, this direct route option will not work for you. So you are try to get AC paid the hotel night at YVR. AC do have the StopOver Hotel offer:

aircanada_com - The Air Canada Stopover

Where they are a couple threads that talk about this program:

The Air Canada Stopover Hotel program

the AC overnight hotel promo, is it still available???

If my understanding is correctly, your org ticket departure at ~9pm on Day 1 and get to HK ~6am on Day 3. Am I correct? Why don't you ask AC to change your YYC-YVR flight from Day 1 to the next day morning. There are a few flights that departure in the morning that will get you to YVR in time for the YVR-HKG flight.
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