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Come Fly to Me The Great FlyerTalk Mileage Run

(LIH Prem)

You might have heard that I'm leaving FlyerTalk at the end of the year and, as a parting gift to the community, I'm offering one lucky member a chance to Come Fly To Me.

That's right, the lucky winner of this random draw will win an all-expenses paid trip to the House of Miles. The trip will include a private tour of our offices, lunch or dinner with me, a one-on-one basketball game on my personal basketball court, and plenty of time to share tips, tricks, and stories - like the full story of how FlyerTalk started (did you know it first failed in 1995?). I’ll also enjoy sharing some of my favorite memories of FlyerTalk over the years, as well as hearing some of yours. And, of course, the winner will take away the ultimate swag bag of goodies, which just might include the very exclusive House of Miles staff t-shirt.

Over the years I've enjoyed seeing the smiles on our members faces as they have won trips, such as our 10th Anniversary OpenSkies giveaway, the two Star Mega DOs, the Competitours teams I sponsored, and many others.

I'm honored and proud of what FlyerTalk has become, and I look forward to enjoying at least one more member smile in person.

The winner’s itinerary includes:
* A return flight between your home airport and Colorado Springs, CO. (and truth be told, if you want to bring someone along I'll pick that tab up as well). This is for economy but I do have some SWUs that I just might be convinced to part with! OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS WORLDWIDE.
* Lunch or dinner or maybe both while you are here.
* Hotel stay at the world famous Broadmoor Hotel (or if you prefer, any of the hotel brands that will earn you more points).
* Personal one-on-one time with me as I tell the never-before-told complete story of FlyerTalk.
* A game of HORSE or just a shoot around on my personal full-size basketball court here at the House of Miles. If you want som tips on how to play HORSE with me, here's an article that will give you some tips: HORSE
* The ultimate swag bag – a collection of several historical and rare FlyerTalk items, including: an original FlyerTalk-logo label pin, an original FlyerTalk luggage tag (before the current yellow ones), an official t-shirt from the first member DO (Hawaii) in 1999, FlyerTalk-logo polo shirts, FlyerTalk-logo paperweight, FlyerTalk-logo leather pencil cup, FlyerTalk-logo pen, a custom FlyerTalk-logo luggage tag with both your username and my signature on it, made while you are here, and much, much more.

SO, just what is the House of Miles (actual address is 1930 Frequent Flyer Point)?

It's the birthplace of FlyerTalk. It was within these walls that the idea of FlyerTalk was first created years ago and where for many years tech and other member support for FlyerTalk was housed.

At this point you might be wondering, "What do I have to do to get my hands on this unique experience?"

The answer to that question is, frankly, not much.

THE RULES (such as they are)**:
I want this special offer to go to an enthusiastic member of FlyerTalk, so I'll be selecting a member at random from the posts in this thread. But you need to post your entry before 12:00 p.m. (noon) Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - Mountain Time.

You read that right. All you have to do to be eligible for this unique experience as my guest is to post something – anything, even a single word – into this thread. It only takes a single entry to be the lucky one but there are no restrictions to how many times you may enter. But do me a favor – no large type size posts, no images and no colored text.

Good luck and thanks for your continued support of FlyerTalk – I'll certainly miss you all.

[**OK, one rule: No posting bots. Anyone not personally posting themselves risks their entry to Come Fly To Me.]

NOTE: The winner can visit the House of Miles any time this year or next. If you win and want to turn this into a Mileage Run, I'll work with our fellow mileage run wizards here on FlyerTalk to get you the miles you need to re-qualify for your elite status before the end-of-the-year if you'd like.

Here's some of the items you'll enjoy in your Ultimate FlyerTalk Swag Bag:

And here's a link to an actual picture of the House of Miles and it's infamous roof (that's me getting ready to hoop-it-up with the lucky winner)
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