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Originally Posted by bensyd View Post
Agriculture when compared to resource exports is fairly small, infact Australia is a net food importer now.
Depends on your definition of 'food.' The recent reports of Australia being a net food importer are extremely misleading, and you cannot apply that to 'Agriculture' because Australia is by far a net exporter of agricultural goods.

The report that was issued and widely publicized only considered grocery products. Australia is a net importer of grocery products but exports a huge amount of unprocessed food product (wheat, sugar, etc) that was not included in those numbers.

Originally Posted by im-headed-west View Post
68% was an aberration ... one of the many during the recent financial meltdown.

AUD will be near parity until US inflation is imminent.
It was actually 62%, which is a spike, but was in the 6X% range for many months. It stayed in the 7X% range for two years, ramping up above that for about a year before 2009.

So I don't know how you qualify an aberation, but the current state of parity is more unusual than the long-standing mid 70% range.
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