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Originally Posted by doober View Post
Sexual harassment. Please report it to both links below.
Doober is correct. This IS sexual harassment. If you read through my posts, you will see that I have had a long career in the military and the civilian government and know of whence I speak. A government employee making a remark like this is a slam-dunk sexual harassment violation if anyone within earshot (doesn't have to be you or your daughter) were offended.

I would call the DHS IG Hotline as soon as possible and report the incident as calmly and professionally as you can, remembering as many of the details as possible.

I know I've posted this before, but, in the interests of expediency, here is the link: DHS Office of Inspector General Hotline.

Rest assured that you can request as much anonymity as you'd like. My advice would be to restrict your identity to the IG staff only. FYI, this is a statutory IG, meaning the office and the IG, Richard Skinner, report directly to Congress and are outside the DHS chain of command.

Please do this. PM me if you would like more help.
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