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What I read into the announcement is that paper certs will work until end of February, but that starting from the point that they announce and ship the 2011 program, the new certificates will also start working. So as to things actually end up working just as in the past: that you can use a cert as soon as you get it.

The interesting question remains, though, when do they start giving new certs for thresholds reached still in 2010?

It may well be the case that they finally figures out that certificates are a good way to entice people to buy more expensive fares, and that being overly stingy actually does not do them all that good. So I would not be overly surprised if they go back to a more liberal policy.

Together with the increase of latitude fare prices. For better or worse. As I like to say, it's a cat and mouse game. They play, you play. They can increase fares, we buy or we don't. All part of the game. Which obviously some of us play better than others. Or are in a position whereby they can play better than others. Depending upon who actually pays, and what the policies are.
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