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I'm getting queasy reading the stats people list above.

I'm phobic of needles, so yes while I know I'll save a life I don't donate.

You know how they prick your finger? I ask to be put under first; that's how bad I am! Seriously, very low pain threshold, can't look at a needle w/o feeling faint, and barely can handle them taking a vial for tests, much less a pint or whatever it is. And I have what are affectionately referred to as 'invisible veins'.

I don't even know my bloodtype. I figure if I'm ever in a situation where they need blood for me, they'll type me pretty fast. The few times I've had to have blood tests I just hope they have a good 'sticker'.

I've been in some situations where the sticker sucked & the pain was excruciating. I even volunteered one time to participate in a study, but I had to withdraw (they had back-up people) because they 'blew out' my vein every time they took blood. Trust me, that's no fun.

So I salute you all, but I won't be joining your ranks.

PS - I always look away in movies & tv whenever there's a needle involved.

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