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I've opted out multiple times previously, but it's just getting worse... Last Thursday flew out of FLL, and noticed they were 'randomly' doing the nude-o-scopes (FLL is backscatter), I was chosen of course (I look like a criminal extremist ) and opted out of-course.

As the TSO was groping me up he said he was going to stick his hands/fingers on the inside of my pants, and as he was doing so he was looking down inside my pants. I stopped his hands at that point and said 'hey buddy, eyes up here.' He of course gave the 'doing his job' spiel, brought over supervisor, and we went back to the private screening area for molestation time.

I asked for a comment card, supervisor asked what I didn't 'like' about the pat down, and I let him have it at that point:

I have NEVER been to prison, however I have seen the intake procedure when someone is hauled off to jail and it includes running hands inside the pants the way the TSA are doing. Now, in that case the person has been alleged to have done some impropriety or crime to cause the trip to jail. In my case, the TSA wants to strip me down and grope me up in the same manner as if I have done something wrong or committed a crime. That is not right on any level. Travelers are NOT CRIMINALS and the TSA needs to stop treating them as such. In the USA you are innocent until proven guilty, so unless I've been accused of a crime you have no justifiable reason to stick your hands down my pants. None, whatsoever!

He didn't like that comparison so much. The TSA is world-renowned for its consistent inconsistency, and now can add future pedophiles creator to its repertoire, congratulations.

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