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BNA - Opt Out

Just passed thru security in Nashville. They have the scanners up and running (when I went through last week it was still the same old, same old). Well with the new scanners in place (and extra time) I declared by "opt-out" decision. The TSA agent said..."Really, you're choosing to Opt-Out". I was then told that I would have to wait, until a female TSA was available (the person I was talking to was female, the person at the end of the security chain was female, and the person watching the monitor was female. But still had to wait. Then was asked again if I really wanted to opt-out.
Finally another female shows up, and I am instructed to go to specific spot. I ask about by belongings, and am told that I am not to touch them, and they will remain on the belt. I go in the glass both and stand waiting for next instructions. The female tsa gets my belongings and moves them to another table (literally throwing my carry on bag on top of my laptop). I then proceed to have her pull out my pants (away from by body,.....pull up sweater, so now I have parts of my body exposed for the world to see. I have to admit, I found the process less than thrilling. But will continue to opt-out. I think the more people who choose not to be scanned, will have an impact on this process.
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