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Originally Posted by contikipaul View Post
Not on this airline. No Way.

To be honest Cathay Pacific in economy is far superior to anything this outfit can offer, business class, First Class..... anything class. Far superior. The Cathay gate agents actually seem to want to assist you, the website works, the 800 number is answered by someone who isn't anti-customer and the flight will staff attendants who aren't angry all the time.

Seriously friend, get on a real airline. Not this outfit of ingrates
Uhhh... Last time I tried the website, it can't even load properly. And credit card transactions get stuck processing half way. As for their J herringbones, it's narrower than AC and phone to customer service rep leaves you waiting forever... Using Asia miles to upgrade to J is also impossible.

Overall CX is a great airline, but there is limitations as well
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