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Originally Posted by nishimark
The choices are probably endless. I've often stopped through Hawaii on long layovers or for a few days. Here's what I would recommend. First day, after checking in, wander around Waikiki and have dinner on the beach (Dukes would be fun). Next morning, rent a car from a local Waikiki location and go early to Pearl Harbor. After that, drive around the island (clockwise from Pearl). Have lunch in Haleiwa (funky surf town) or further up the road at a shrimp truck. Continue around and end up back in Waikiki that night and return the car, then dinner, whatever. Next morning, up early for a walk on the beach and then to the airport.

Note. I live overseas, so driving in the US is pleasurable. On the other hand, by driving around the island you get to see a wide variety. For me, it's refreshing.
Very good suggestion. Getting out of Waikiki is always a good idea, especially for good food and beaches. One caveat of course is to factor in traffic time around the North Shore when the winter waves roll in. Traffic can be a nightmare.
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