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Lap infants and seat assignment

This may have been covered here before but no searching found results ...

Last night on my evening flight YYZ-YEG I was seated in the Premium section of a 320 and was within 1 row + or - of 6 lap infants/young kids with seats. Is there any standard AC practice to put them all lumped together?? I always assumed the practice was to put them closer to the back where the lavs are convenient and there is some space to walk around.

Normally I don't care if people are flying with kids, I have two of my own who fly very frequently with my partner and I ... however there were two kids who were screaming for at least an hour and neither of the adults were doing anything about it. For an hour we all agonized through screaming, squealing, and kicking while the dad of one said, "'s time to be quiet" and the mom of the other said, " are disturbing people." I do feel bad for folks when kids seem inconsolable, but for the love of god please TRY something. Walk around, turn on a movie, have some toys (none to speak of in either case). Frustrating when all I wanted to do was lean over and say, "what you're trying is clearly not working ... perhaps trying something else?!" I just didn't want to be Joe A$$hole ...

Is there an actual AC policy or practice for placement of families with lap kids?
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