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i think it is a filtering mechanism.

hanging around FT one might get the feeling that everyone and their mother is jumping at the AANYC/AABOS deal. in fast, most of the world don't care about it.

AA targets this promo, like pinniped said, at biz travellers to retain loyalty.

the mileage runners of the lot are a minority.

now, AA really doesn't make much money out of these mileage runners. one can even argue they incur a loss with a mileage runner

among the mileage runners, there are those that would pay $400 PLUS 2 days of their times for an intl ticket. there are also those who will pay the $400, but won't sit on a plane for 2 days.

by requiring people to fly, they effectively filter out those that won't spend the money and time. frankly, if they don't require ...-in-seat commitment, what's stopping peopl with summer travel plans to buy 2 tickets now for $400 and use them later? the ... in seat requirement will. award availability is just a hurdle for that kind of a price.

every promo has loopholes. mileage runners thrive on loopholes. by requiring ...-in-seat time the airlines are just trying to keep the loophole as small as possible
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