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Originally Posted by RosemaryT View Post
...in 2004, I got pulled aside by TSA for additional screening and was taken into a private area and was thoroughly frisked by a male agent. I was horrified at him feeling up my inner thighs (and took his time doing so), and my buttocks and the small of my back and even my breasts.

From 2002 - 2004, I was in airports all the time and I was constantly getting pulled aside for extra screening. (It's the lily-white skin and light blue eyes that did it, I'm sure...)
TSOs have a long, if anecdotal, history of showing extra interest in attractive women. At dual-device checkpoints I have seen TSOs urging teenage girls and young women into the Nude-o-Scope while middle-aged men like me were allowed to use the conventional mag without complaint. This is de facto profiling, of course, but not in the name of air security.

Originally Posted by RosemaryT
By 2004, I was sufficiently mentally beaten down by the TSA and their antics that I didn't even question it when a male TSA felt me up and patted me down.
That's exactly what they want -- to subjugate the public and make us less prone to question forced sexual humiliation. It is up to you and every American to resist. It's line-in-the-sand time.

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