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Need Help Using USA Visa to Purchase Philippine Airlines Ticket

This forum seemed the closest fit for my question, although not a perfect fit. Does anyone know how I can buy a ticket from Philippine Airlines while in the USA to go from Manila to Cebu? Whether booking online or over the phone, my charge never processes.

I called my credit card (Merrill+ Rewards Visa) and the CSR said she lifted a restriction that, by default, restricts foreign transactions. However, I since tried twice (both online and via telephone) and the charge still won't go through.

Over the phone the PA CSR said that, as far as she could tell, everything was fine I would receive an email confirmation. When I hadn't received one two days later, I called my credit card company and it said that no charge or authorization request was ever made in connection with that ticket. Merrill also verified that there no restriction on my account to prevent such a charge.

I'm stumped. I was hoping PA had a way to provide currencies in USD which would indicate to the system a different process for USA-based CC authorizations. However, I can find no option to view prices or purchase in USD.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate to pay about $1,100 more (for two passengers) for a 20ish-minute flight by changing my Delta ticket. Why can't I purchase a ticket on PA? Any insights would be appreciated!
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