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It seems to me that adding a high-end chain to the mix isn't a "simple thing"...it's enormous. I have issues with the program but if I were Wyndham I wouldn't go build a whole chain of hotels or take over all of Preferred Group or whatever you have in mind just to keep you.

As far as tiers go, I find the absence of tiers to be refreshing. It is what it is. I'm not sure what you'd get as a status member either. Free breakfast? They already have that. Upgrades? Scant few have that to offer. Then there's points, ok, whatever.

I'd rather WR fix a few gaping holes. They have promotions, but very few offer bonus hotel points, generally just bonus airline miles. I have asked why WR doesn't just "take care of its own." They are a hotel chain, not an airline, and you'd think their promotions would at least have an option for bonus hotel points, but it's all about airline miles.

The recent hotel bonus point offer is a blunder. Ok, you a points bonus w/two stays. But some more important members, and I don't know who that is seeing as membership tiers do not exist, got 6,000 bonus points. Not me as you can tell. And yes, I am mad. Thanks for the extra thousand points, WR, while members you prefer received a hefty bonus.

The other big hole, which they always thank me for me feedback but just won't do anything about, is that all rates offered through their EVRentals do not earn points. Let me make it clear I LIKE the EVRentals site...a lot. But when Wyndham themselves throws a clearance sale and you get even a slight discount, say, 10 percent, away goes the ability to earn WR points! Hilton, Sheraton, and Marriott, the other three branded timeshare companies give points on all stays even if you received a non-employee discount.

I have been toying with leaving WR for Choice. The property levels are about the same, so is the size and scope of them. Choice does have tiers but I don't care about them. I do care that their promotions are run consistently, are hotel- and not airline-focused, and are offered equally to all members unlike Wyndham. What Choice lacks is a timeshare resort rental program but that doesn't matter as WR refuses to offer points if you dare book during their discount periods.

Wyndham Rewrds deperately needs to get with the program and take action not just spew words. Even Radission is evolving as we speak. Loyalty programs DO matter and are not the throwaway WR treats them as and I say that as a Wyndham member and as a Hilton Hhonors Diamond, SPG Platinum, and IC Platinum Ambassador.
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