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The thing is, I don't believe that 100 ordinary flyers who follow in your footsteps would generate the requisite media attention. And it would just make the TSA even more reactive. But just 1 or 2 additional flight crew would make national headlines: "TREND--Another Airline Crew Walks Out on TSA." This would get the attention of the right people in the right places.
That's a very good point. And isn't it interesting that someone just told me the TSA managers in MEM have decided to open dedicated crew lines using only metal detectors. Hmmmm.

AT LEAST write your airline and let them know where you stand. Do it today, please.

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Seriously? What gives anyone the right to feel secure?

One does, however, have the right to be secure "against unreasonable searches and seizures" by the US government.
Very well said. Come on, people - I'm working this chink in the armor pretty much by myself here (with a lot of people cheering me on). Some of you are in a position to help in a direct way. All of you can spread the word. Think about the world we're going to leave for those who come after us - that's what this is about, and IT'S IMPORTANT!

Isn't it?

Below is an email I just received:

Good Afternoon,

I am writing this email in hopes of getting in contact with Michael Roberts.

Today when flying from Boston Logan to BWI my 17 year old daughter had quite an unpleasant experience due to the new scanner malfunctioning. There was some confusion of whether there was a scan or not. She was told that she needed to submit to a full pat down after being told "it did not scan" . She was told she would need a pat down. Being 17 she had no idea what that meant and how intense a full detailed full body pat down can be. Even when she began to cry, the TSA agent continued the pat down. My daughter felt molested and humiliated and as a parent I was helpless to stop this violation. Also, the gentleman behind her had a full body pat down which leads me to believe the machine was not working for anyone. However his pat down was not as intense as my daughters.

My daughter who is a seasoned traveler and even visited Israel this summer has never experienced such extreme searches If they were to have asked her the reason for her visit, as they do in other countries, they would have learned she was no threat and was merely on a college visit to MIT. As a parent, I have serious concerns that such a search would be done on a 17 year old minor. The searches cross the line, she was molested for no reason.

I really want Mr. Roberts to know that he is doing the right thing by standing up to TSA. These measures are not making it safer to fly, they are just arbitrary measures being done to make us believe it is safer at the same time it is taking advantage of law abiding citizens. I do hope he is successful in his fight against TSA.

I am sending a similar email to Southwest Airlines, Congressman Chris VanHollen and Boston Logan Airport. Until this issue is resolved, I will find an terminal/airport that does not have the full body scan or I will have her take the train.

Thank you for forwarding this message.
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