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"does this mean than YYZ/YVR-HNL flights will now pre-clear US customs in Canada?"

"They don't preclear because HNL was not mainland USA."
Actually, some of the leisure flights (namely TS and certain 2T flights) that have the ultimate destination of Hawaii (and not going on to the South Pacific) do preclear in YVR. At least they did last December.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Shareholder:
And I doubt we'll see it now because of the mixed carriage of US-bound and Australian-bound passengers on these flights. For example, what happens if AC is carrying passengers who require the type of entry visa into the US that must be acquired in advance? But these passenges are going through to Australia? They would need to get this visa from the US consulate/embassy, otherwise could not pre-clear. Under the new system, at least they could be held in "quaranteen" and be reboarded under escort.</font>
The new/current system as Scoop describes it does require the transiting pax to clear entry into the U.S. at HNL (unless it is a more formalised fishing expedition and entry visas are not required). It is the old system (prior to mid-September or whenever Scoop's experience was) that had this sterile transit. There is no opportunity for pax to transit in a quarantined area inbetween flights.

This new procedure could actually make the flight via LAX more attractive (more time to sleep, at least for YVR/west coast pax).
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