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Nude-o-scope fun at National

Was flying out of National yesterday and got in the line right next to the one with the nude-o-scope. As we got to the front of the line, the lady in the NoS line announced loudly that she was not going to wait in that line and would move to the end of one of the lines with the "normal" security. I told her that she could simply opt out, go through a "special" pat-down and be on her way (Note: to this day, I have yet to understand why people in the regular line don't have to get a pat-down, but people who refuse the NoS and go through the same WTMD that everyone else does do). She had never known that and went off about the fact that the TSA needs to put up signage that the NoS is optional. We agreed.

But the best part of the whole day was that the people in the NoS line started shouting to the people in back of them, "It's voluntary! You can skip the strip search and get a pat-down!" It seemed that nobody in the nude-o-scope line knew that (no wonder we have 95% compliance), but there were a lot of people that chose to opt out. In fact, so many opted out that the TSOs didn't even bother doing the full body massage with the unhappy ending.

Big , btw, to the TSO checking ID's at the WTMD, who just sat there silently, looking amused.

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