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Originally Posted by MR_MAMA View Post
I have NEVER seen anything like this.

We were getting ready to board, they call FC, we are actually on the blue carpet and they start boarding. I am standing with another woman talking and moving towards the scanner, and only one other person is in front of us. All of a sudden out of no where some guy comes from the back, says excuse me I'm a Diamond I have to board (no kidding) then he tells his 4 buddies, oh come up with me and they all cut in front of everyone to go to the front of the line. The GA scans all the BP's and let's them on and me and the other woman just stop and stare like did that really happen? So we get on board and of course I expect to see them all in FC, the Diamond guy is In first and the "buddies" are in the last few rows of coach.
oh .. that is just another version of DYKWIA?

Plus he was demonstrating to his buddies that being loyal to DL has it's perks .. he was just probably let them get a taste!
Maybe some of the buddies will actually try and get better status with DL.
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