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Originally Posted by davetravels View Post
Indirectly related to this, but kind of similar concept . . .

Does it bother anyone that we put all of our "stuff", jackets, wallets, phones, coins, laptops, etc, into a bin to go thru x-ray, and millions of shoes have also touched the bottoms of those bins - - and we all know - especially men, I think - some of the places our shoes have touched!

I'm hoping that this train of thought doesn't cause this thread to be closed. I'm not a germ freak, but it's just something I think about occasionally. Your thoughts?
I am not a germ freak BUT, your comment goes as to why I always wear closed toe shoes, long pants, and long sleeved shirts. Except for my laptop, my "stuff" goes into my laptop bag and not one of those nasty bins.

IMHO my sock clad feet are much cleaner than my shoe clad feet for just that reason. And I always put my shoes on when leaving my seat.

And yes this is a Delta specific post because I only fly on delta.
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